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A Dog's Life


A Dog Friendly Community

 BEST IN SHOW HOMES was named as a nod to my love of Dog Sports, and my love of winning. But as far as Dog Owners in Moore County are concerned, they are ALL winners -- because this is an amazing place to live if you enjoy spending quality time with your dog. 
Many Dog Owners have specific criteria to accommodate their dogs in their house comfortably. Many require fenced in back yards, nearby walking trails and great veterinary care. Because I live and thrive with pets in our home, I can advise accordingly. 


Quality Veterinary Care

  • Moore County has many fantastic Veterinarians. 
  • After Hours Emergency Clinic
  • 1 1/2 hours from North Carolina State Veterinarian School. 
  • Physical Therapy facility available
  • Veterinary Surgeons
  • Preventative Care.
  • Call Ellen for Recommendations.


Dog Activities in the Area

Here are some fun activities for well behaved dogs:

  • Many restaurants welcome dogs on outside patios.
  • Fabulous Walking Trails.
  • Martin Dog Park
  • Pooch Park In The Pines
  • Moore County Kennel Club is always looking for new members! We host a large All-Breed Show every September, as well as several Agility Shows.
  • Fourth of July Pet Parade
  • Walk in Downtown Southern Pines or Village of Pinehurst

Ellen's Dogs


Ari Der Gelassenheit CDX GO RE

I retired Ari from Obedience Competitions in February 2016, but he continues to be an important member of our family, responsible mostly for licking pans clean and protecting our home.


Brielle Von Agilquest CDX BN

Brielle is my current competition dog. You will frequently see me around town training her in preparation for competition. Recently, we placed 10th in the National AKC Classic in the Novice Class. 

Brielle has proven to be a very talented competition Obedience dog, earning her CDX Title shortly after her 2nd birthday. We are currently training for her Utility Dog Title (UD).